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Corporate Real Estate

Our corporate real estate services include commercial property consultancy for companies / corporates. Realspace also specializes in providing IT/ ITES, SEZ spaces on lease/ sale for software companies or companies related to IT industry.

Large Commercial Spaces

For Indian companies, Multinationals and corporate houses, we facilitate transactions of large commercial spaces / office floor plates across India in metro cities like Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, etc. as well as in other locations nationally.Realspace, as your corporate real estate professionals, help your company in planning, acquisition, management of commercial properties for your office use, industrial space, retail space, space for company head quarters, corporate property portfolio, etc. Our corporate real estate clients range from IT companies, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical companies, Shipping companies, Call Centres, BPOs, KPOs, Mobile companies, FMCGs, MNCs, etc.For all your corporate real estate queries / requirements, drop us a line here.

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Property Investments

Property investments and real estate asset management are two of our most important services provided to clients. Real estate investment is a critical topic for any investor worth his salt. Real estate or property investing not only means buying and selling of properties to make a profit BUT also means understanding the whole science behind it. Real estate investments are generally capital intensive and the timing of buying a certain property, especially if you are investing, has to be spot on. Real estate as an asset is not as easily liquefiable as other assets such as shares, stocks, bonds, etc. It is therefore very important to understand real estate investment completely before actually investing in properties.

Types of property investments
Broadly speaking real estate investments are done for the following reasons :
Capital Appreciation : It is common knowledge that real estate prices increase with the passage of time since land as an entity is limited. The percentage of increase does vary, it could be slow during certain time periods, could be very high during other time cycles, it could also dip & go into negative on certain occasions. However, as a thumb rule, real estate investments are always considered profitable as a long term investment especially for capital appreciation. So it is not unusual to find millionaires of a current generation actually having hugely profited from the real estate investments made by their forefathers. In fact real estate investments are a great hedging tool against inflation (especially for the long term).

Real estate and property investments were not recognized as proactive way of making money erstwhile (although a select class did it knowingly as well as by default). The modern era, however, has brought real estate investment to the fore as a great source of making profits. There are all kinds of property investment options available, long term, short term, investments with part payments, complete payments, etc.Real estate and property investments were not recognized as proactive way of making money erstwhile (although a select class did it knowingly as well as by default). The modern era, however, has brought real estate investment to the fore as a great source of making profits. There are all kinds of property investment options available, long term, short term, investments with part payments, complete payments, etc.

Property Investments for Rental Income :

Real estate investments are indeed a very good source of recurring rental income. Especially if you have a good capital base, with smart residential or commercial property investments, you can create a long term recurring income source for yourself and your family. Not to forget that the property is also appreciating simultaneously in terms of capital while you are milking the rentals.The trick is to find the right property, a good tenant and of course a good amount of rent that would justify the amount invested in the property.Realspace helps you in achieving all the above objectives by using our vast data base of property investors, property owners, property agents having lucrative property deals to ensure that your property investment fetches a good rental income for a long period of time.

Avoiding Long Term Capital Gains :

Real estate investments are also done by people who have sold real estate assets and have made profits. If they fall in the long term capital bracket, then they can reinvest the money in a different property and save a substantial amount of money in terms of taxes.

Tax Benefits : A property investment done by availing a housing loan helps one save in taxes. The interest paid towards the home loan reduces the tax liabilities of an individual. Thus the benefits include savings on tax as well capital appreciation of the property and also rental returns in many cases. Leverage: A very strong reason to invest in property, especially in this age of easy loan procurement, is leverage. In case a real estate investor utilizes his own funds to acquire a property real estate asset worth Rs.50 Lacs and the property increases in value by Rs. 10 Lacs in a year, then the property investor has made a return profit of 20%. However, if the property investor has availed a loan facility of 90%, only Rs. 5 Lacs would be required as his own contribution as the rest would come from the bank. In the second scenario the property investor's own investment of Rs.5 lacs has actally earned hime a profit of Rs. 10 Lacs which is 200% return profit. Even after deduction other incidental costs, bank interest charges, the returns would be close to 150%. Realspace has its own home loan department and we are tied up with the leading banks to provide you with the best home loan and commercial loan options. Our loan service along with our real estate investment services helps you make the best property investment choices effortlessly. For property and real estate investment services, feel free to mail us by click here.

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NRI Services

A substantial amount of our clients including property owners, real estate investors, and end use buyers are Non Resident Indians. We take utmost care to make sure that your property investments done from such a long distance are sound and fetch you great returns.

NRI property investments

Realspace NRI property services ensure that Non resident Indians have access to the best property investment options in the vibrant Indian real estate market. NRI investment in India and Indian properties has steadily increased over the years, especially after the Foreign Direct Investment norms relaxation in Indian real estate.Right from sourcing the most lucrative land deals for NRI investments, pre launch properties for NRIs in the major metros, group booking discounted properties with the best Indian developers to handling the complete property transaction for NRIs, Realspace covers the entire spectrum of property services. We ensure a reliable, transparent and risk free property transaction for our NRI property buyers and NRI property Investors.

For maximizing your property investment returns and minimizing your concerns, Realspace provides the following to our NRI patrons:

NRI property leasing and management :
For all our NRI customers, NRI property owners, we provide property leasing services. We take care of all your residential and commercial property leasing.Right from finding suitable tenants for your high end properties to ensuring the complete paper work for a real estate rental deal, we take care of everything.For our NRI property services, kindly click here.

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Preleased Peoperties

Find the best preleased commercial, industrial, retail properties and the best preleased residential properties for sale in India through Realspace. We help you source the most profitable preleased properties leased to banks, software companies, retail brands, corporate, hospitals, BPOs, KPOs, consulates, FMCGs, Multi nationals, HNIs, NRIs, etc. with attractive rental returns and the potential to increase in terms of capital too.

ROI (Returns on Investment)

Currently the preleased property market defines any preleased property for sale as profitable if the returns are above 9% per annum. Of course even in case of lower returns if the tenant is a strong company such as a bank or a very good retail brand having leased the property for a long tenure, the property still makes huge business sense in terms of regular rental returns and capital appreciation.

Advantages: For the best preleased property investments or to sell your preleased properties in India, please click here.

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