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Group Booking

Real estate group bookings can really help provide impetus to the sales process of a new residential or commercial project. If done in a professional way, group booking is the ultimate win-win scenario for all parties concerned including actual property users, property investors, property developers and the sales professionals involved.

Realspace – property group bookings

Realspace specializes in property group bookings both for residential and commercial properties. Although group bookings can effectively reduce the turnaround time for a certain real estate project and help create that much needed buzz for a certain property to sell, there are some pitfalls too. It can devalue a given real estate project if the discounts offered come across as a desperate measure to sell.Therefore real estate group bookings have to be offered and executed aesthetically and tastefully. That is exactly what Realspace does for you. We sell your real estate projects at certain discounts to various property group buyers BUT in no way do we compromise with your brand or product value.


For property group bookings and discounted real estate selling, we use our vast experience, a rich data base of actual users, investor groups, online marketing, professional real estate consultants’ network, etc. Above all we use a very creative and proactive approach towards selling, giving complete transparency, information to the property buyers. We thus ensure that a group booking offer for your real estate project actually enhances your brand and gives your company the spillover goodwill advantage for your other real estate projects in India.If you are a property or a real estate developer and want to avail our real estate group booking services or know more about it, simply click here.

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