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Pre-Launch Sales

Pre-launch sales, also known as soft launch, are critical to the success of a property development especially if the size of the development is big. The reason for this is pretty obvious. Even before a real estate project actually kicks off on the ground, pre-launch sales can help raise a sizeable amount of funds or at least get the actual property buyers/property investors to pledge for a large chunk of the project. This liquidity helps in a big way to keep the real estate project and property construction going without the dreaded delays.

Pre-launch Sales – the advantages

Pre-launch sales reduce the stress on the property developer in terms of interest payments to banks or other finance sources from where he has raised funds for property development. It also provides the confidence of actually launching a real estate project knowing at the back of your mind that a majority of the real estate inventory is already sold.Pre-launch sales is therefore a win-win scenario for all property developers as well as property buyers.

Soft Launch- the modus

Soft-Launch or Pre-Launch is generally done much before the actual permissions are in place. The relevant permissions, licenses are already applied for BUT are awaited. In this scenario the buyers are generally real estate investors who invest in such real estate projects through strong referrals of professional real estate brokers, property consultants, etc. For a developer even property buyers of his past projects act as a great source of investments. The reason being the trust they have having experienced his property dealings previously.

Realspace helps real estate and property developers in their soft launch and pre launch campaigns for property developments - residential and commercial. We ensure that a pre launch is successful by doing a lot of research on the type of project, the ticket size and the catchment category for the same. Based on this we use appropriate real estate networks, NRI networks, property exhibitions, online marketing, mobile campaigns, corporate presentations, road shows, etc. to elicit meaningful response and a high conversion rate from the property buyers.If you are a property or a real estate developer and want to avail our soft launch/ pre launch services or know more about it, simply click here.

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